Plans are for suckers.

So I landed in Cancun around 8:30 p.m. and made it through customs unscathed. And from there I had a plan: take the public ADO bus to Cancun Central and find my hostel. Then that plan promptly went to shit. It definitely isn't ideal arriving in a foreign city after dark, but I marched confidently … Continue reading Plans are for suckers.

2015’s in, and I’m out.

Okay so I had to back up my departure date by a week. I'm now leaving for Cancun, Mexico on January 7th. Final answer. Hostel prices were, like, super inflated until then, and I'm no sucker! Except to Air Canada who charged me $75.00 to change my flight despite the fact that my new flight … Continue reading 2015’s in, and I’m out.