Hey Friendchips,

For those of you who are meeting me for the first time, my name is Emma Side. Thanks for stopping by. Mucho gusto! ❤


I come from humble beginnings, having grown up in a small town in Northern Ontario, Canada. Winters were long, cold and harsh, and the opportunities to branch out were few. Life is simple back home, and there was nowhere else I would have rather grown up. But being from The Millennial Generation, I felt the need to burst out of the safe, happy, supportive bubble I grew up in, and join my fellow Millennials to trot around the globe.

Millennials think that life is not meant to be lived in one place. We value creativity, inspiration, simplicity and most of all, we value our freedom.

So after I completed my Print Journalism Diploma, and my Degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, I decided it was time to start exploring my own country. Since then I’ve braved the icy waters of Lake Superior as a sea kayaking guide, and paddled with harbour seals off the coast of British Columbia. I’ve served drinks on patios overlooking the majestic Thompson River in the morning, and rafted down its raging rapids in the evening.

And then, in January 2015, I decided to branch out even further. I bought a one-way-ticket to Cancun, Mexico, bid my family adieu, and set out to truly begin my life.

Now, I’ve traveled by bus through seven countries in Central America. I’ve explored the ancient ruins in Tikal, Guatemala, lived on the side of a volcano in the Nicaraguan Jungle, and slept off the coast of the Pacific on a 34′ Cataman. And I definitely have no intention of stopping there!

But it wasn’t until I arrived on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica that things really began to fall into place. It was in the tiny beach town of Puerto Viejo that I eventually found my way into a 200-hour yoga teacher training. From there my story began to unfold on its own.

After I graduated, I started facilitating yoga and creative writing workshops across Canada, and have now officially begun the process of expanding my workshop, as I open my very own online school.

It has become my soul purpose to live a creative life, and contribute in anyway I can to the creation of a more beautiful world. And I truly think that pairing yoga with creative writing is a start.

I believe that stories are what make the world go ’round, and I want to share mine with you. I hope you’ll do the same.  

Much love,

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Luv Ya Emmakins….Love the fact that you are reviewing books again. I have read the Emma D. book…just might read it again since reading your wonderful review xoxo Katie and Famille PS….keep on enjoying the journey 🙂

  2. Do it girl!!!! I live in Puerto and I am as a writer as well; a digital nomad. We have had similar experiences. Live Loud, Be Free!

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