An infographic for the God(ess) in all of us.

When I was doing my yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, a wealth of information was thrown at us, a lot of which was in Sanskrit. While absolutely everything we went over was interesting, or at the very least useful, (*ahem* I’m looking at you anatomy) I knew not everything was going to stick right away. tragic

But there was one particular area we began to explore that I knew would stay with me, and I knew I was destined to go even deeper with; the myths of the yoga postures. I had NO idea when I began my yoga teacher training that there were stories associated with the different poses. I was already in awe of the power of the practice, but when I heard about the different Gods and deities and the important life lessons their stories told, I was sold for life.

And I’ve wondered to myself why exactly I loved hearing about these outlandish stories so much. I think it was because it made me feel like a kid again. For eons we’ve learned through the art of story telling, from Brother’s Grimm to Mother Goose, but when we get older, we often stop listening to and telling stories. Why is that? I think telling a story creates a much more palpable bond in our mind and gives us the simple joy of being entertained. And in a world that effectively beats out our childlike sense of wonder, I think story telling definitely has its place.

But it wasn’t untilΒ I started teaching yoga that I really saw how much people were responding when I’d weave in a story as we worked our way up to a difficult pose.Β So I decided to create an entire course based around some of my favourite yogic tales. Poses & Prose the eCourse delivers 7 yoga videos, one for each day of the week, interwoven with 7 yogic myths, and paired up with 7 writing activities. All designed to help you find flow, in your body, and on the page!

Everybody loves a good story. These are the ones I want to share with you.

yoga, myths, infographic, India, ancient, stories


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