Boozin’ and cruisin’ in Gigante Bay.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m now working at a hostel called Camino del Gigante. Well I’ve BEEN working here for a month already, actually. And let me tell you, it was one of the quickest of my life, despite the fact that I didn’t really do anything… uh, at all.

There’s something about living at the beach that just makes me want to read, tan, swim, eat and sleep (champagne problems, I know). But once I became exceptionally brown, well rested, fed and watered I figured it was time to get up and actually participate in my life.

Luckily there are a ton of activities here. Gigante Bay offers horseback riding, fishing, rappelling, surfing, kayaking, motorcycle rentals, and our most popular activity: sailing.


And they’re off!

Twice a day our 34′ Catamaran (Unice) is prepped to set sail, with good music vibin’ outta the speakers and a big vat of pirate punch for the whole crew.

Nobody goes home thirsty!

Nobody goes home thirsty!

Last week we got the staff together and traveled North on the sunny seas. Gigante Bay is in Southern Nicaragua, on the Pacific side of the country, so the coastline is rugged and exposed. Big cliffs jut out of the ocean separating long stretches of pristine beaches. From out at sea you can see all the way down to Costa Rica, and all the way up to another little surfing town called Popoyo. But there’s plenty of good suring right in our neighbourhood too. The next beach over, Playa Amarillo, is a great spot for beginners and surfin’ pros alike. And we made it as far as that beach before throwing anchor, and watching as the owner of the resort (and captain) jumped ship to catch some waves.

Watching John get pummeled by waves makes us laugh.

Dude, now who’s gonna drive this thing?

As for the rest of the crew, they were happy to just catch some sun, sip on pirate punch and be generally pleased with themselves for finding their way into this life.

It makes us laugh to watch John get pummeled by waves!

It makes us laugh to watch John get pummeled by waves!


All smiles. :))

Not even posing!

Not even posing!

Usually the tours will head a little further North to yet another isolated beach, where clients can jump off the boat and swim in. Or for the more daring pirates out there, if you ask Captain John to head South instead of North you can make your way to the base of some cliffs where you can dive off the boat, battle the swell, clamber up a rock wall (actively trying not to shit yourself) and then leap into the deep. Like these fools.

30 meters, straight down!

30 meters, straight down!

And being out on the open sea like that, there’s also a good chance of seeing dolphins. The tour the FOLLOWING DAY not only saw dolphins, but had the pleasure of watching them as they swam, jumped and put on a show alongside the boat. And here’s a fun fact (fun for you, not so much for me). I’ve STILL never seen dolphins. I’ve worked/lived/played on the ocean for over four years, but they continue to allude me. When they do decide to make an appearance I’ll be ready. As in… I’ma cry.

But even without spectacular aquatic creatures, there’s nothing quite like watching the sunset off the back of a sailboat, as you slowly make your way back home.


Book your tour today!


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